Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wild Spirit Horse Coloring Book Assateague Island wild horses

I am a professional artist and horse lover. My dream is to publish an adult coloring book of my original horse illustrations called the Wild Spirit Horse. At age 15, I spent my babysitting money and bought a horse. As an adult, I have visited the National Parks in the United States and saw the wild horses of North America. The horses in this coloring book are from photographs of the wild horses at Assatague Island Parks in Maryland, USA. The wild horses roam free on a small island next to the Atlantic Ocean. The horses are often on the beach and wade in the ocean and bay.  

When I design my illustrations I thought about, what if I was a Native American born in the 1800’s and owned one of these wild spirit horses. How would I paint my horse for a ceremony, put feathers, beads and shells in their mane and care for them. I had fun imagining what if there really are wild spirit horses with a unicorn horn or wings like an eagle.  Perhaps there is a real dream catcher horse that visits humans at night to catch all the bad dreams and deliver sweet dreams to all.

Now you too can imagine to own one of these wild spirit horses that roam the wild lands in America’s National Parks and color your horse any way that you desire.  Please order one of my Wild Spirit Horse coloring books today.

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