Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Cupcakes coloring book

My Cupcakes Coloring Book is a delicious treat for you to enjoy.

Do you secretly desire to eat delicious cupcakes with luscious layers of frosting and a cherry on top? If you are daydreaming Cupcakeillucious thoughts than escape into My Cupcakes Coloring Book for a Sweet break from your from mundane responsibilities. This book is all you need to indulge in sweet cupcakes without the calories.  Lynnette has hand drawn in pen and ink 24 pages of cupcake images for your enjoyment. Go ahead and indulge in binge coloring cupcakes all night and not gain a single pound. Wake up the next morning feeling settled, calm and refreshed. Watch your stress melt away and your creativity soar as you color these scrumpious cupcake pages.

Coloring book is available at this link

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