Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thank You Cards with Photo on SALE $10.00

All thank you cards are now on sale for $10.00.
At the top is the little ladybug 3 photo thank you card now on sale for $10.00
All thank you cards are avalible on my website at this link

Photo Thank You Cards are available in any design. You may also find  thank you cards next to the matching invitation on my other web pages.
You may change the wording on all the thank you cards to be anything you want to say and any age birthday.
Send me an e-mail with a photo from your party and thank you card wording to

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweet Ladybug baby shower invitation

Sweet Ladybug baby shower invitation will be perfect for your ladybug themed baby shower.
The wording on the invitation may be anything you like.

A little Lady to snuggle and hug,
She'll be sweet as can be
and Cute as a Bug!

Bottles and booties,
Diapers and pins,
This is where the fun and love begins!
Available in both pink and red ladybug designs. Order from this link