Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ladybug Baby Shower Party photos

One of my customers shared her ladybug baby shower decorations with me. Beatriz's bay shower is so beautiful with the ladybug theme. It is so cool to see how her cake decorator used my baby stroller illustration from her invitation and created the lovely ladybug stroller cake! Did you notice the little cake ladybug by the stroller? It is just adorable!!!
I also love her idea of using balloons to make a grass display for the balloon ladybugs to walk on.

If you have photos of your baby shower you want to share send them to me at LynnetteArt@gmail.com

Here is a sample of the invitation design that Beatriz used for her ladybug shower and she had the wording in Spanish. I can make your invitation wording in any language as long as you provide the translated text.
My invitation below can be purchased at this link

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