Friday, July 13, 2012

Pin the Tail on the Monkey games

Green Pin the tail on the Monkey game  above
Pink Pin the tail on the Monkey game above
Pin the tail on the monkey game is a fun birthday party game for kids of all ages. This game is easy to print out on your home printer or you can print the file as a photo poster from
AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD print out the game today.

Directions.  Print out enough monkey tails so each person has one tail.
Cut out all the monkey tails.
Write the your name on the tail.
Blindfold the person and spin them around.
Ask them to pin the tail on the monkey.
You can use tape instead of real pins to attach the tails.
The winner is the one whose tail is pinned closest to the red x on the monkey.

I have a number of  different of the pin the tail on the monkey games.
Monkey See game is above with the green or pink dots.

Below is the Miss Monkey game.  Games are available at

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