Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pin the Tail on the Zebra Birthday Party Game pdf file zebra stripes

Pin the Tail on the Zebra is a birthday party game that is fun for everyone young and old.

The game can be printed out as a 16 x 20 photo poster from or for the best price on printing. Tails are on 8x10 size paper. You can also print out on your home printer and tape together to make the large game.

You will get two printable pdf or jpeg files for printing.
Page one is the game
Page two is the page of tails
Choose 8.5 x 11 game or 16 x 20 game

Files will be e-mailed to you in 24 hours of less. Available at

1. Print out the zebra sheet and zebra tail sheet.
2. Cut out the zebra tails.
3. Do not cut out the zebra! Tape the whole zebra sheet to the wall.
4. Put tape on the top of the tails.
5. Each child gets a tail.
6. Spin the blindfolded* child around three times and have them try to place the tail on the red X on the zebra.
7. The person who’s tail is the closest to the red X wins.
*Little children can just shut their eyes if they do not like a blindfold.

Not for resale and copyright by Lynnette. No file sharing.

I have another pin the tail on the zebra game that I made last year (below) that is very cute but I wanted to revisit this subject to see if I could make the game that was cuter. Let me know if you like this zebra better or the zebra from the game below is your favorite.

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