Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pin the Tail on Miss Dotty Monkey Birthday Party Game

Your monkey theme birthday party will be so much fun with this Pin the Tail on Miss Dotty Monkey game. No one in your child's class will have the same game at their party as this unique game is only available from my shop and not sold in stores. Choose two game sizes 8.5 x 11 or 16 x 20 and print them your self to save $.

Directions.  Print out enough monkey tails so each person has one tail. 
Cut out all the monkey tails.
Write the your name on the tail.
Blindfold the person and spin them around.
Ask them to pin the tail on the monkey.
You can use tape instead of real pins to attach the tails.
The winner is the one whose tail is pinned closest to the red x on the monkey.

You get 2 files e-mailed to you in 24 hours or less - the game and a page with the tails. The best price for printing is at Walmart.com as a 16x20 photo poster size. The tails print out on 8x10 to save $ on printing.

Order your game now at this link http://www.myartbylynnette.biz/store/c2/Birthday_Games.html

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